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West End (want. bridges , Big M, Jones Inlet) Striper Fishing

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Would someone please help a newbie out???

Should I drift or anchor?
What tides are best?
What is the best rig when using clams? Fishfinder or drifting a hook w/some shoots?

What other tricks will some old salt share?????
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Go to the state channel, 100 yards east of the 5 mph sign by Zachs bay.

I would get there as the tide starts going out, bring a box of semi thawed clambellies { richie @ woodcleft has them and others.
Use a 4.0 bait or circle gamaktsu hook on 20-30 lb. line.
Now start with a bellie or 2 on each hook and toss a few around the bait which will be presented close to the boat , maybe 5-6'.
As the tide drops pick up the chumming action present those gamakatsu's tipped with bellies in the mix of the other bellies that you just threw in.
I usually use a simple bottom rig with a 3 oz. weight depending on current. You can drift rig them too which works well also, or a fishfinder rig.
Its slowed a little lately but you should still do pretty good.
If you want great action over there try the month of May, I bail them there yearly.
catch them up!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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