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Wellcraft coastal 22' for Aquasport explorer 25'

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I'm thinking about trading in my 03 wellcraft coastal i/o for the 02 aquasport explorer 25 with 2 stroke 250 yamaha. I love the wellcraft but it's a bit on the small side especially with the i/o. I'm looking for more fishable space. Anyone have any imput on the saltwater series ox66 250 2 stroke (gas consumption, pro's con's...etc.) and any imput you have about aquasport. Thanks

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Do it.

A couple gallons of gas don't matter. Once you are out there and the money is spent, a good day of fishing is a good day of fishing. If you feel you want more room and more boat, trading up is the way to go. A 25 with an outboard is a lot more boat than just adding 2 feet to a 23 I/O. Good luck with the new boat.
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