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well i took the plunge...

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it was just a matter of time.
im a now a small plug building company lol.
"smitty plugs" i now join all the big boys with my tail between my legs lol.

i have been kicking the idea around for a few mounths and the time was now.

any way im going to need all the luck i can get lol.
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thanks guys....
well i have a website you can take a look at its still growing but i have a few things on it.
bass28 wrote:
how do those bunker swimmers swim? so tempting to order one rite now.
i coulda sworn ive seen your work on another site.

yup im on all the cool sites lol..

that swim awesome just like a real bunker.

tight side to side and will swim from the surface to around 6 to 8 feet deep...
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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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