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Do we have any welders in the house?? I was just wondering cause I am currently going to school to become one...
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Blazetoy wrote:
aluminum welding is called brazing
Are you sure?:rolleyes:

Geez I am confused, I thought brazing was different than welding.

My wire feed welder and that bottle of gas thingy, weld it all the time.

Maybe that's why I have trouble with that dang spool thingy, from time to time.

I can't believe LINCOLN ELECTRIC would sell me a dang machine, that is supposed to weld Aluminum, when I should be using my torch and brazing it.

Really ticked me off, when they made me buy those valves and that bottle thingy too!!!

BT, do you think they will give my money back?

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SoundFisherman wrote:
I am pretty sure brazing is different, thats when you use oxgen, and acetelyne or propylene, or whatever gas you choose to ahha and you use brazing rod. Gotta get those temperatures above 840 degrees to do any brazing. Dont forget your flux!
Thanks for clarifying that, I thought I was loosing it for a sec there.LMAO

That Blazetoy guy usually knows his stuff, so I was worried. JK
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SoundFisherman wrote:
Hey thats why I am going to school ahha. Dont get me wrong blazetoy bazing can be used to weld multiple metals together. So ya you can braze aluminum.
Yes but welding aluminum is not called brazing.

There will be tests in school grasshopper.
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1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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