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Do we have any welders in the house?? I was just wondering cause I am currently going to school to become one...
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I wouldnt consider myself a welder but i can weld I do Tig/Mig weld every day at work Fiddled with alluminum a few times
SoundFisherman wrote:
Thats awesome... I wanna go down to Virgina after I get out of school and weld ships or submarines. Something like that I hope!

Under water welding I always wanted to do that
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gverb1219 wrote:
...............they say for Aluminum the way to go is Heliarc. Anyone can MIG weld but its takes someone who knows the art of welding to master TIG welding.

.........I remember when I first started using TIG.............

Me too almost 10 yrs ago
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1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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