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Hi there...alot of you might know me from the reports I post, I go by joeykayaker. I think kayak fishing is really getting going I am glad noreast realized that and started a forum. I have been fishing off a kayak for about 5 year now I cant begin to tell you how productive it has been for me, and I have had boats and am a avid surf fisherman, but I have never enjoyed fishing so much when I am out there with my kayak . I really dont want to proclaim to be some expert because I am sure there are people who know more, but until there is someone who wants to be moderator i will be happy to share some of my knowledge of the sport.

I have in the past organized some kayak fishing get-togethers, I plan on doing somemore in the future, and will have demos there for people to try.
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I also am a surf man, but have canoed and kayaked recreationally and want to start fishing from 'em. Two questions: 1) where do you usually do your fishing? 2) you mentioned a group outing including demos - sounds like the perfect way for me to try it, so more information would be very appreciated.
definitely will be looking for info and trying to contribute to this board. Will be moving into a house in June within walking distance to GSB, can't wait to get into a yak and start exploring and casting -
Yeah...kayak fishing board

Yes, congrads on the new kayak fishing board....I will be in touch with you about a clinic regular email

My kayak of choice....I've been Kayak fishing the Peconic and related areas now for the last two years and and have caught Stripers, fluke, flounder, weaks,porgies and blues. Its too much fun for it not to catch on...get it. Thanks for the board
Hey south beach....I fish all over with kayak, from montauk to NJ, but I live in westchester and my backyard is the Long island sound where I do most of my fishing. I am in the process of organizing some demo days and will keep everybody posted.

NYcatfan, the pungo is great kayak-fast, light and stable but its not for my kind of fishing, I launch through the surf and a "sit-in" is not for that, but great for the peconics.


Big shout out, I've enjoyed your posts over the last year and look forward to joining one of the yak outtings in the LI sound if you guys get one going.

best regards,

Forgot to say "THANKS" to Noreast for this new section of the board.


Hey, Joey gets a forum!! How cool is that. This fishin' fool works the south shore around Jones inlet. The best for me is to be able to drift the skinny water bay flats where others fear to go. Weaks,bass and fluke are the targets of choice but you would be suprised how a big skate can tow ya'around !
kayak fishing

I'm very interested in kayak fishing, but there's one tiny, microscopic problem, "I CAN'T SWIM!" is it absolutely necessary? I've gone fishing with my buddies on their 19' boat off Atlantic beach many times with out much fear. Ok, maybe I'm not the smartest guy in the world but I only get a get little terrify when it gets rough, then I put on a life vest.

hi...I wear a life jacket 24/7 when in my kayak and I am a certified lifeguard and was on a swimming a non swimmer, you should do same and get a very stable kayak...maybe a Tri-ak....very stable for casting, you can stand up in it and cast from it....
Its not exactly Joey's forum, but its close.

I agree, always wear a lifevest especially if you don't swim. Also I would buddy up with another kayak fisherman when on the water. Its easy to hook up as so many guys are joining the sport.

There are lots of kayaks to choose from but obviously a wider more stable model would also be a good idea. There are some models that are virtually impossible to tip unless you're in the surf.
Nice to see the great response coming on this board already.
now i am confused, i just read a different discussion where the advice was a sit-on-top for getting through the surf, i assumed because otherwise too much water would get in a closed hull (i guess even with a skirt)...thoughts anyone, sit-on-top or not for first all around fishing kayak?
tog tog man if you can't swim I wouldn't get a kayak till you learned how to swim. Is a kayak more important than your life? Second I wouldn't put my life in anyones hands unless you fish with Joey all the time. He saved 1 guys life last year cause his PFD didn't work after falling off his kayak.
Hi tog man & South Beach

Hey there...If you can't swim, the kayak thing is not the best choice in the world. It is enough fun to make it worth while to learn how to swim though.
A SOT kayak is definitly more forgiving, and easier to fish off of. A SINK is real tough, especially if you are trying to fish bait, but better if you just want to paddle. Only thing about that is if you are just paddling, and paying attention to a board like this, first time you see fish boiling you'll regret not being set-up to fish.
SOTs are easier to learn on and use. They're also more versatile. they're essentially a big surf board that you ride. A SINK you sit in.
I do a lot of wade fishing with the flyrod around Westport and Fairfield, CT. I just bought a house in Fairfield and move in next month. Defnitely going to buy a kayak. I've ben told that the "Ride" from W.S. is a very stable SOT. What are your thoughts and any other suggestions?
I am a surf rat, But Joey really is geeting me psyched and has been over the last few years. My fear is flipping over in a yak, what is the proper procedure to right yourself once under water ?
kayak fishing

Guys, thanks for all the advice, and after much consideration, kayak fishing for me is outta the question. Too many strikes against me, can't swim, nearing 50, and living in a NYC five floor walk-up would just not be too practical. I rented kayaks a number of times in Bahia Honda State Park during my many fishing trips to the Florida Keys and enjoyed every second of it. The idea of casting poppers, diamonds, diving plug etc. in the middle of a blue fish or striper-feeding frenzy from a kayak must be awesome. In my case jumping on slippery rock off jetties possibly falling and cracking my head open is less dangerous than flipping on a kayak. Thanks
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