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Wed 02/12/03 8.00pm EST Chat room

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Ok guys 8.00pm Wed 02/12/03 I will wait for all members who can make it to the beer and lap dancers lol.....Ok hopefully will see you guys there.
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Billy is way paranoid...thinks SSB is me LOL...might have to abuse him tonight in the chat.

Chat could be fun.
Stinky Perth Amboy!!!
First name "A" Last name "Hole"!!!

These insults I can take, BUT calling me Billy's friend???!!! Geeze, do your hurtful words have no boundaries???

Bob...what he does with his friend Neil in the stern corner is anyone's guess???
He thought the mate was suppose to give him a "tip" ;) (pssst...Billy that's how ya call him out)
Show Billy how to actually catch a fish??? ;)

Ehhh, let's not go too far beyond the limits of good taste now.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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