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Hi everyone,

This is my first post to Crazy-Al's board. For this particular question I decided to post here.

For the past two weeks I have been busy and have not fished much. So far this has been my best weakfish season! My largest going just over 29 inches 7.8lbs. This was the only one that was kept for the table all the others were released!

To answer a question posted by Crazy-Al recently I think weaks are my favorite species of fish w/ stripers coming in at a close second.

Anyway I have been catching these guys all over the place: Heck. Flats, Ocean Beach, the Range and East channels, S.B. channel, and other places.

Since I have not been out recently and since I have not seen any steady posted reports on weaks I am just wondering when does this fish leave? How long will weaks be around or are they gone? I also saw the thread on this board about the white foamy stuff being weakfish sperm; is this true? Is the spawn finished?

Finally, if you folks do not mind helping me, do these fish move closer to the inlet(s) at this time of year or should I still work the areas that have been producing fish for me?

I appreciate any help you can lend!

Thanks and God Bless the four lost brothers! >(((>
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i can say my last few trips in those areas haven't been so hot, both day and night fishing. 2 weekends ago, between sat. & sun, i got one keeper at the heckscher flats and dropped a couple at crazy charlie that seemed decent size. My last few trips before that were pretty much the same. 1, maybe 2 keepers per trip, and not much bigger than 16". but the good news is the weakies should be starting their summer run into the bay soon, if they haven't already...usually some decent size fish around when they do come in....but i didn't get out last weekend, so i really don't know if there were any signs that things've picked up or not.

and if anyone else knows the answer about the weakfish sperm, i'm kind of curious about that too, since i've heard the same thing.....
They pretty much do. my buddies came up with "summer run into the bay" a few years ago. even though i personally think it's the run OUT of the bay, but i've heard it for so long that it just kind of came out unconsciously. Sorry about that...but wherever they're running, it does improve the fishing while they're doing it.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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