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Weakfish Post - Again

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OK, so I just read through the 35 page post on weakfish, but didn't see anything that answered my questions.

As a kid, we jigged bucktails for weakies in the Delaware Bay and did OK, but that was 25 years ago.

If I mostly head into Raritan, when and where do I have the best chance of finding weaks?
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Apparently nobody wants to answer this, probably because- it can't be properly answered. The weakfish bite in Raritan the last few years is like a trip to the atlantic city slots. When, where and why? Drop in your money and pull the handle! I've been frustrated by hearing of some of the really good weakfishing over in Jamaica bay- licking my chops thinking..."any day now" and waiting, and waiting and waiting...

I actually wish someone with some REAL knowledge would "tackle" this question, because I'd like to know myself.
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