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Leader length makes a difference to my rigs. I keep mulitple length leaders on board(I know, it's pain in the AXX) but it helps me catch more fish.
Some days an 8 foot leader works better(calm seas here) . When the seas pick up I make sure that the leader IS LONG ENOUGH to keep the Jet in the middle of the following wave. Before you set it out look at it close in where you can see how the rig works.
On some days, I've used leader lengths as long as 12 feet in length. Problem with this is that you have to hand line the leader to get at the fish.
If you fish these rigs closer, please make sure that the following lure(Jets,etc) stays in the MIDDLE OF the FOLLOWING WAKE WAVE. I've even put out 3 ounce Japanese feathers with good success behind the birds.
Let me know is these tips work for you.
Keep your feet dry and catch 'em up!
Joseph B. ...aka...Ancient Mariner

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I tried just one bar. I cought some fish.
I went and used two bars. I did better.
I went and put out chains with the bars and did much better.
Offshore, the more....the better.
Inshore, one bar will suffice if you put it offcenter and surround it by single lures.
That's just my opinion. Any other
Keep your feet dry and catch 'em up.
joseph b. ...ancient mariner
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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