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Wanted: Opinions on worth of boat

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16' Jon Dory, needs some glass work & a paint job

has 1996 Mercury 25HP 2 stroke O/B motor with tiller

on a trailer that is functional but has some corrosion.

Any opinions on the worth of this boat? What would you expect to pay?

Thanks- Bill
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My father sold his 1982 semi dory (with a steering console) with a 2 year old Yamaha 30, radio, fishfinder, etc. and Cox tilt trailer for around $4000. Boat, motor and trailer were in great shape.
The hull is a 1975. I love the lines, but the transom cutout is very sloppy & needs to be cleaned up. It has a center console that was ripped out of the floor, so the floor area needs to be re-glassed. The replacement motor has a tiller, that's why the transom was cut. I have the console but will not re-install it, opting instead for a livewell. The guy wants $1700.

I appreciate your opinions on what I should be paying!

Thanks! Bill
I bought the boat today- I figured that this would make a good project boat & with some hard work I might really have something impressive to scoot around the bay & fish the flats in areas that are not accessible with my other boat- the engine was in absolute perfect shape and came with both an installed tiller plus a brand new console conversion kit. The hull is pretty soft in the rear of the boat & needs to be cut out and replaced- fortunately the rotten area is flat and should be fairly uncomplicated. I have limited fiberglass experience & was wondering if anyone could offer any pointers or recommend a good book on this type of work. A few good tips gets you out there first for next flounder season or next winter for sea ducks!

;) Bill
glass work

search for WEST epoxy systems---<a href="">start here
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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