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Want to get into "Yaking", have questions.

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Ive been living on the island for most of my teenb years up until now. Due to lack of funds i have been fishing mainyl from shore, magnolia pier, surf fishing long beach, and various places on the south shore. I want to get into kayaking but have some questions first. First off how much is a kayak going to cost me to get ourfitted with everything i need for safety and to fish? I would be looking for one of the most stable models as i dont feel like taking a dunk. Where do you store your equipment on these things? IS there as baggage compartment or something? Also where do the rods go? Are custom mounts needed to be created? How far does one travel from his launch site? Are you guys paddling out several miles or staying in the general vicinity of the place you launch? I would mostly fish reynolds channel. probably the back swampy areas using light tackle with bucktails or a fly fishing setup, not sure yet. Also, any tips you could provide to me in addition to the questions i have posted would be greatly appreciated. I have read posts from the last few weeks and i can see this is the next step for me to enhance the fish i catch and to make the day more fun. Also Where are the dealers? I am in Franklin Square by the way so is here any close to me, in the long beack, island park area? Please email me or post pics of your setups as well. I can be reached by replying here or emailing me at [email protected]

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Gus are you happy with your scupper or is there a model you wish you had gotten? also how frequently do you take your kayak out? I would be looking to go out with someone my first few times to sort of show me the ropes, I will most likely make a purchase by this weekend, as i will check out empire thursday afternoon.

Another general question, is $200 to store a kayak for a year too much money? I called ted's in point lookout and that is the price he quoted me. Are there any places in island park or Long beach that have a better deal? Im also a bit concerned because the boat traffic right near ted's is horrific on the weekends.
I like the way the cobra diven fish look and also the explorer. Was surfing the internet for a few hours today and came across a vast amount of info on kayaking, and cobras in specific. Also found a site that sells kayaks cheaper then anyone locally I dont feel like dealing with Old Dominion Shipping to get it though. Check out those prices though. I will be heading down thursday afternoon to atlantic beach and the shop in island park to check out what they have. I will hopefully have one by the end of the day so i can begin fishing friday morning with it. Anyone else fishing Reynolds channel area this weekend that i can link up with?
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