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Hi Scott,

Here is what I would do.

Remove the butt cap. You might have to cut it off using a sharp razor or knife.

Remove the synthetic/eva foam butt. I would use a serated knife. Cut it off as best you can BUT do not cut into the blank. Sand as much of the remaining material as best you can. Clean area with alcohol.

Fit the Slickbutt to the blank using masking tape sleeve rings (as you would a reel seat). When the Slickbutt fits firmly over the sleeve rings (sleeve rings are made up using 1/2' masking tape and spaced about 3/4" apart)it can be epoxied in place. (I use Rod Bond 2 part epoxy for installing grips and seats). Make sure you completely fill the cavity. If you have a rod lathe spin the rod at high speed for 15 seconds to evenly distribute the epoxy. Clean the excess epoxy off the rod using paper towels and isopropyl alcohol. Let dry for 48 hours.

Install the gimbal using the same technique. The blank should extend past the slickbutt so you can mount the gimbal. You might have to extend the butt of the blank to achive this.

The butt sleeves come 8-10-12"s lengths.

If you need more info please ask.

Capt Neil

Custom Fishing Rods by Captain Neil
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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