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So...I have read a lot the posts on this site and others to research what I am going to outfit myself with. Now I need your help with opinions. I am considering both the vs150 and vs200, as well as a rod to join one of them.

Thanks in advance for your help...and I apologise for all the info, I just wanted to be thorough.

I am an east coaster, but the majority of my surfcasting experience has been California Based. I spend the Last two years in California and I surfcast 3 times a week for two years straight. I am now in White Plains NY, and intend to fish mostly in LI sound, the Hudson, Long Island, Cape Cod, and RI. I probably will hit the surf/river once a week.

I like to keep my arsenal lean.
10' st croix premier surf M 3/4 - 4 oz mod/fast
8' st croix M 3/4 - 3 oz mod
lamiglas G1311 8'6" 10-20 1/2 to 1-1/2 2 MH

penn 704z
quantum boca 30pts
van staal 100

For the past 2 years I have been exclusively using the lamiglas G1311 steelhead rod paired with the vs100. I can express how much I am thrilled with this combo.


I am looking to get an east coast plugging rig. Previously, when I lived on this coast I was using the 704z and the 10' st Croix for plugging. Needless to say, by the end of the day, I would have a knot in my neck/shoulders. It also seems that the 10' croix is a bit stiff. I caught fish, but the combo could hardly be considered a joy.

I intend throw 5/8 - 3 oz. lures(both iron and plugs) and perhaps try my hand at eels. I figure I can continue to use my steelhead setup for chucking the light stuff. It seems to behave well up to 1 oz., so I am looking for a good setup for the 1.5 - 3oz range.

With the research I have done, I think I am looking to get a vs150 paired up with a lami 1084 (XSRA 1084-2 9? 2 1-4 15-25 1 Mod/Fast)
I tend to use braid so I was thinking that the vs150 would have plenty of capacity and the retrieve is only 3" less per crank compared to the vs200.

I was thinking ho much I liked the vs100 paired up with the lami steelhead rod, which I have caught 30" stripers on from the surf. I am making the assumption that the vs150 and 1084 combo will provide me with similar performance but with a little more muscle.

From the surf, I have only caught bass around legal size and I am ignorant to what catching a 20-40lber means from the surf. My only experience with the bigger stripers was catching a 45lber from a boat off Montauk, I can't imagine what it must be like from the surf. Hopefully this year I can find out.

1. Should I still consider the vs200? If so, why?
2. What is your opinion on the lami 1084?
3. Should I consider a custom rod?
4. Do you know of any really good custom rod builders that
you could recommend in the White Plains area or your area?

As you can understand this is a lot of cash to lay I appreciate any info or experience that you can pass on to me.



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Hi Puppet,

That 1084 stick is supposed to be a very nice 9 footer. Plenty of meat on it to stop 'em in their tracks. I read a field review of it on another site by a very well known Cape Cod guide and he raved about it's ability to toss plugs he'd normally use a 10 or 11 ft stick for.

As for the choice between the two VS's. I have them both. The 150 is spooled with 20lb braid and is on a Lami 1083m blank while my 200 is loaded with 30lb braid on a Lami 1201L. Personally I thought the 200 was too big for the 9ft rod but with that said I have seen guys that go back and forth between 9 and 10 footers with the VS200.

I would think that 1084 with the 150 would be a killer outfit.

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I have a VSB 150 strapped to an 11' GLoomis loaded with 50lb Suffix. It's definately undermatched for that stuff. On the upside, it's a light package to hold on to. I wanted a bail and the 150 was the largest they made with a bail when I bought it last Spring. I'd probably do the 200 if I were you.

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I have tested the 200 on a nine footer and did not like it on there. I felt it threw everything out of balance not to mention the spool being higher off the blank and changing the line angle through the stripper guide. Granted I built the rod for the 150 so the guide could be moved when the rod it being built but you'd still have the balance problem.

As for custom rod builders, check out the Rod Building forum here. You'll find plenty of them there, CaptNeil, Rodwinder to name a few. Check out the thread titled "Pics of Wraps you did"
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