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I have the Voyager in Point Pleasant, NJ chartered for a regular overnight tuna trip October 4-5. The cost is $325 (regular price).

Trip departs at 4:00 PM on Saturday the 4th and returns between 2:00 and 3:00 PM on Sunday the 5th.

We will take a max of 22 anglers (regular load on the Voyager and very comfortable on that boat).

This is basically a regular trip, nothing fancy or crazy. If chunking is slow there's a chance we do a little bottom fishing or trolling in the morning but hopefully we won't have to resort to that.

This is a great opportunity to introduce friends to the experience of tuna chunking on a great boat and in great company.

We have a good moon and hopefully the bite will be on in full force by then.

Voyager has heated (and A/C if it's hot) cabin and bunk room, ample bunks for all, a FAST and smooth ride out to the canyons and an excellent crew. Hot cooked food is available anytime of day or night in the galley at very reasonable prices.

Please post or PM me if you're interested.

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3. BenS.
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6. AlexV
7. Mike G
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I'm interested in getting in on this charter but I'm having a hard time figuring out transportation to and from the boat. Is there any way I might be able to get a ride with anyone down to the boat from Brooklyn or somewhere else in the city? There's the train but it would take me a long time to get back up to New York and then I'd still need to catch a bus back to Boston that day.

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fisherdanski wrote:
Just out of curiosity, was anyone on this trip on the August 31/ Sept. 1st trip a couple of weeks ago? I know a lot of people on the boat are on noreast, but I never really figured out who was who.

I was on the trip. I think we talked, do you go to school up in Boston?

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a couple of questions

Hi Guys, I have a couple of questions regarding the Voyager, since this is my first trip on her, and their web site has been down all week.. they supply ice and storage for tile and mahis, or should i bring a cooler and ice?

2-do they have livewell(s) on board for squid?

3-do they have a microwave available?

Thanks in advance, see you all out there. Mike

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I just confirmed that George is working the Galley.

Looks like the weather is a go for us.

Also it looks like we're departing at 5:00 instead of 4:00. Maybe if we're all there we can leave a little earlier.

See you all tomorrow!
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