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Vintage Newell's On Ebay

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FYI on ebay there are some vintage old Newell's for auction. I myself own a P332F, 2 332 M's and a 229M. Available is a P229F, P220F, P235F, a few P332F one new in the box and a P338F. Just though you would like to know.
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The purple colored newells were just a new composite material that Carl experimented with a few years ago, and were no different from the S' series reels, other then the purple color of the sideplates. They found that when the material cooled after the injection molding process, they did not hold 'tolerance' well, and Carl never made a full run of these strange colored sideplates. They contain the plastic cups along with other trouble some parts. They are more a novelty item, then a pure fishing reel.

Ebay always was the place to find used newells, but be forewarned, that just like buying a used car that came from outerstate, and had its odometer rolled back, that their are a number of sellers, who are putting together newells from parts, popping in logos and selling them as originals for premium prices. 'Caveat Emptor' when it comes to newells bought on ebay!

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