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I have the Viking Starship chartered for a 3 1/2 day deep water excursion for tile, wreckfish, cod, pollock, barrels and whatever else is prowling the deep. We are leaving Monday June 23rd at 1pm and plan to be home Thurs June 26th around midnight. This will be a Captain's choice trip. We will go and fish where Capt Steve thinks we have the best shot at trophy fish. There is even talk of hitting some really deep seamounts that Steve has been unable to fish in the past due to conditions but wants to see what is lurking there. :)

This is a very limited trip, taking only 24 people. The price is $500 per person which is, in my opinion, a very nice rate for this type and length of trip. As I was putting this trip together I had enough pm's and personal commitments from guys that it became sold out before I could even post it.

So, as of now, I am starting a waiting list for those that want a shot at this potential once in a lifetime trip. Those that have been on these trips with us in the past, know that the crew of Viking makes every effort to have an ubelievable trip.

Please post here if you want to be put on the waiting list.

Please DO NOT CALL the Viking office as they are only taking payments from the people on my list.


1 - Mark K. (MK5381)
2 - Ron K.
3 - Rich K (Dugan)
4 - Dave D.
5 - John M.
6 - Bill t. (Elnath)
7 - Max?
8 - Jerry M. (Schoolman)
9 - Lou S. (LSadler)
10- Ryan H. (Kdfrmbklyn)
11- Tom (Algdog)
12- Felix L.
13- Ron C. (Current world record holder)
14- Charlie G
15- Joe F. (Filletnrelease)
16- Matt S. (Togowar)
17- Willy G. (Codfisha15)
18- Joe B. (Joenet)
19- Don B. (Wdbtchr)
20- Dieter S. (DFlound)
21- Ron A.
22- George S.
23- John B.
24- Jerry T. (Tacklenut)

Waiting list:

1 - Ephron
2 - Omar B.

Food list:
Willy - Cheesecake
Mark - Either Kielbasa/kraut or crumbcakes
Dave - Meatballs and gravy
Rich - Sausage and peppers
Ron/Charlie - Maryland crabcakes
Ron A. - A few lbs of shrimp
Felix - Striped Bass ceviche
Dieter - Trays of cookies
Lou - Macaroni salad
Jerry & Don - Utensil, plates, napkins and something edible
Ron K. - Deviled eggs and brownies
John B - Shrimp ****tail
Jerry T. - A few trays of buffalo wings

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With all the crap weather this past weekend I started working on my reels and getting them in shape. Took off the mono backing and filled the whole reel with braid getting ready for those Really Deep drops.

Had to promise my wife that I wasn't going to keep stuff lying around the living room for the next three months when I started opening my tackle boxes and looking them over.

It was a nice relaxing weekend in front of the fireplace working on my reels and tackle while having a few frozen drinks.

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waiting list

would you please put me on the waiting list for this trip
I have been calling viking's office trying to find out from them if anything was going on like this. they never gave me an answer.
I went onthe trip last year and had a great time.
let me know if anything opens up

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Just some info for those going on this or other deep water trips.
It is expensive to get these 3-4lb sinkers. Seller JIMUBC on ebay is selling 50lbs of ingots that weigh between 3 and 4 lbs. They come in a nice rectangular shape. Just drill a hole and you're ok. The lots have been selling for around 45-50.00 plus shipping. Basspro is selling these heavy sinkers for 15-20 bucks a piece

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3, 4 and 5lb sinkers


If there is enough interest, my friend and I can make 3, 4 and 5lb sinkers for $5 each. PM me if you are interested. Remember, we might be going really deep on a few drops this year.


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A few reminders:

1 - We will be stopping for a few fluke drifts. Please bring a fluke set-up with you.

2 - If you can, bring some fresh fish strips with you (dogfish, bluefish, etc...)

3 - If we get the ideal conditions, Steve wants to dry a few REAL DEEP drops. Anywhere from 900'-1450'. Who knows what is down there waiting for our baits!! Make sure you have the equipment to handle this.

4 - If you want to contribute to the food buffet, let me know.

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