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"Sportfishing on Long Island" by Capt Jerry McGrath.

My copy arrived a couple days ago. Last night 2 of my grandchildren sat down and watched it with me. A 5 and and an 8 year old along with me enjoyed the whole video.

I thought the presentation was excellent. Beautiful spots around LI were featured. Nice fish were being caught and each species presented included a how to rig and catch the fish.

Any newbies to sw fishing can learn much right away by getting this video.

Thanks Capt Jerry, I really enjoyed watching the entire video.

Capt Neil
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Hi all,

I received an email asking where the above video can be purchased.

It is in many B&T shops in Suffolk County, maybe even Nassau.

On line go to
You can purchase it there.

OR you can send$24.95 plus $3.00 for shipping to:

Mike Malkush Productions
PO Box 679
Shoreham, NY 11786

They also seel other videos about Long Island.

Capt Neil
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