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VHF or CB radio

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Which one do you use in your buggy????
Any preferances,on brands or styles?Or maybe the handheld VHF????I'm looking to put in a VHF,anybody have a favorite?????
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How do you like the hand held?I heard the range is only 2 miles,is this true?Was considering one,We used to have a standered VHF in the camper,& I would get to shag when the call came in, before the flock came running.

Illegal,Then I guess alot of guy's in tauk should have a thousand & one tickets by know.LOL.I know the deal to well for games,I would be the first to give a fish call,in a heart beat.
Thanxs guy's for the info,see ya out there!!!!!!!!!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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