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Vent hose??

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Hi...i have a mariner 115....1993...out of the lower unit, or just above it is a small hose. it just kind of sticks up out of the water line near the outboard and is plugged..i just moved, and my shop manual is in storage so i cant look it up....i want to go out this weekend but that hose got cut somehow. does anyone know what it is...and can i just plug it with anything and be safe? Here is a pic of the hose. Thanks


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Pickup tube for speedometer. Not needed.

You just don't want it cut under the cowling where it would pump water in there. My Mercs have these tubes run inside and out through with the harness and fuel lines, they are plugged as I never had a need to use them.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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