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Since the Tuna bight has been bad this year we headed down to LA. for some oil rig tuna. At first light we tried to get some live bait to no avail. So we headed to the deep oil rigs where giant tuna were flying across the sky. We hooked up with a small black fin and started chucking him up. 1 hour later we boated 3 nice yellow fins to 60lb. Then the bight slowed. So we took out our deep butterfly jigs and started hammering the black fins to 50lb. We ended the day with about 35 Tuna and kept 10 for the table. When we got back to the lodge we found it evacuated along with the whole Parish. When we called the Airport we found out it was closed and all airports with in a 300 mile radius were full. So we started driving North East with no game plan. Wound up booking a charter in Charleston SC. for trout and red fish. Well the Reds didn?t show but giant lemon sharks were all over the place. So we broke out the 15lb. set ups and had a blast in 10 feet of water landing 500+lb. sharks. Then we kept heading north and were back at our desks by 6:00am Tuesday morning. Crazy trip out running Gustav.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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