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Van Staal

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Bought a VS 2oo 18 mos ago,have been very satisfied. Last week it started to squeak, sounds like it just needs grease, ordinarily not a big deal. Spoke with VS today, no owner access to the case and I must mail the unit to them with $50.00 plus advance reverse shipping costs or the warranty is voided.

It goes without saying that not having use of new my reel during peak season for the length of time this process will take is unrealistic and a unacceptable policy. Since VS will not authorize retail dealers do perform service I would like to know what others are doing.

It doesn't seem like a big deal to open the case but on the other hand it's a considerable investment and I don't want to VS to then quote chapter and verse legalese corporate crappola to legally void my warranty.

My feeling is that if VS will not authorize a service dealer network, the Zeebass's higher initial investment but long term user friendly serviceability may prove the better lo

Thanks in advance for your input on VS services.
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Practical Serviceability ?

If owning a Ferrari required shipping the car back to Italy each year for routine maintenance & service how many cars would they sell ?

If VS does not reconsider their service policy this is my last one.
My other reals may not have the "panache" VS claims to offer but with frequent use, especially during the fall run I can perform routine maintenance myself or if need be take to a local authorized service provider. VS policies require me to be without my reel during the best part of the year, bad business and a policy blunder that has to be factored when buying their products.
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