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I know I am here in VA but thought I would post this Offshore Bottom Fishing Report from yesterday with everybody, it was an awesome day out there!! I will post some pictures of our catch later this afternoon. Hope you enjoy the report,ChrisB
With the weather here in VA, it has been hard to get out there and do some bottom fishing but today we fianlly got a break in the weather and headed out. We fished with a buddy of me and my Dad's, Ken Neil aboard the HEALTHY GRIN our plan was to go and try for some Grouper/Tilefish/Sea Bass. Left Rudee Inlet in VA. Beach at 4am and got to our Grouper spot right inside the Norfolk Canyon around 7:30. Our first drops were in 90 fathoms and we were hooked up right away with wreckfish and snowy grouper. Since we have a limit of 1 grouper per person here it doesn't take long to catch a limit of them. We ended up with 2 Snowies, 54lbs and 30lbs and 4 wreck fish in the 10-15lb. range. My Dad hooked up with a huge fish on the bottom but never could do much with him, he eventually went back down and broke us off, probably a BIG Snowy.
After that we made a little run to the south to try for some Blueline tilefish, we got there and dropped down and started catching some pretty nice tiles up to about 9lbs. We finished up our limit of those around 12 o'clock so we decided to run a little inshore and try to catch some sea bass. Arrived at the first wreck and started hooking up right away on some real nice Sea Bass, they were averaging 2.5-3lbs which is a great average. We hit a couple more wrecks and did real good on them also. Ended up catching our limit of Big Black Sea Bass which was 150, we had 2 that were over 5 pounds, 5lb 4oz. and 5lb. 14oz.!! We were back at the dock by 4pm...then we spent the next 4 hours cleaning fish:) It was a great day offshore with a great bunch of guys. Chrisb
Finally Tally:
Limit of Grouper-6 up to 54lbs
Limit of Blueline Tilefish-42 up to 9lbs
Limit of Black Sea Bass-150 up to 5lbs. 14oz.
Handfull of Bluefish up to about 10 pounds
~All thess fish will be well accounted for, alot of family members with be very happy!!:)

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WOW Chris...I think you just blew the doors off the best bottom fish catch I have seen in Virginia waters....boy where were these big fish when I fished in Virginia years back!

Keep posting those pictures up here with the story.....boy that is some great fishing with Ken Neil on the HEALTHY GRIN.

Those are some trophies, and now when you fish in Virginia and North Carolina for bottom fish, a record fish is always a good possibility!

I really enjoyed the story and I wish I was that type of fishing which you showed here is good as it gets in deep water Virginia bottom fishing.


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