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using silver bullets for fluke

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I have heard that silver bullets can be effective for fluke, but have never tried them myself. Can anyone share knowledge of the technique for using them, and what are good locations to use them? Thanks.
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Sak, I have had success with bullets in the Sound, Block Island and Raritan Bay, so I would imagine that they work in most places. Typically I tie them on with a LARGE dropper loop about 12-14" above. On the loop I attach a white, green or pink teaser and I usually replace the hook on the bullet with a quality teaser. Put a large strip of squid, fluke belly, sea robin, etc. on the bullet and tip the teaser with a spearing or sand eel. Drop it down and start bouncing it on the bottom. That's basically it, although you'll have to adjust the sizes depending on the current, depth, etc. There are many variations of the bullet and they all seem to work pretty well. I've seen many different ways of rigging the bullet, but that's the simplest and it works just fine.

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