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The Producers Co. has aquired the patent for the original Storm Hot-n-tot lure.

When Storm was bought out by Rapala, they decided to, IMHO, ruin the Storm name by changing the design of every Storm lure. Bent on cornering the crankbait trolling market with its Limited edition Tail Dancer, Rapala decided to buy its main competition.

The first changes where made to the Thunderstick. The original one peice lip and body had been replaced by a glued on lip. The color selection was reduced, changed, and some "hot" colors where dropped all together. Gone was the action and the dependability of the original Thunderstick, in its place was just another floating rapala.

Last fall, Rapala introduced the new Hot-n-tot. Gone was the famous metal lip that made this lure so effective, and once agian the color selection was raped. Serious great lakes fishermen where shocked, stunned, and downright angry. Desperate fishermen where hording the last of the stock available, out of fears they'd never see these lures agian.

Untill this recent development...

With this news, The Producers are sure to be a very popular company in the near future. They already have a line of their own original lures on the market.


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I just bought some Storm rubber shad bodies that look like good lures. They come pre-rigged with lead head and a Rapala hook (whatever that is). 4 five inch shad for only three bucks.
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