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My buddy that I fish with, bought a Heritage Sea Dart last year, he made of mistake of walking into a Kayak shop and just saying "what would be a good kayak for fishin?" and ofcourse they sold him something that was not right for him, but this is what you get when you talk fishing kayaks with someguy who has done nothing but done touring..anyway he does not like the kayak because its to tippy for him, he want something more stable. He paid $875 for it and I think he will take 600, it is the angler model and he did some other stuff on it to carry flyrods. Let me just say that THIS IS NOT A KAYAK FOR A BEGINER!!!!!...It is a fast kayak and alot guys like it for fishing but it is not for everbody. i could fish off it without a problem but I have seen 2 guys tip them . anybody interested can email me at [email protected] and I will give you his number.
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