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Upper Delaware River Smallies

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Another weekend fishing UDR for smallmouth. Probably 15 fish day for me. A little slower than normal, but I had my 70 yr. old father w/ me. Non-fisherman. Didn't even know how to cast, but he managed to get a few. Late afternoon drift from Narrowsburg to Ten Mile River. Kept one, plus a Walleye that was a surprise.

Had a 25-30 fish day 2 weeks ago. The five sorry looking keepers were from that outting. Put those in damp creel. Obviously didn't keep them as nice as cooler I strapped to kayak this weekend.

Any color whacky rigged Senkos w/sparkles for water 2.5' or lower. For anything deeper, however, I'm now throwing a drop shot rig 85% of the time. Casts further so you cover more real estate, plus it get's down quicker. I think it's superior to the classic Senko up there. I'm sure the added depth led to the Walleye. Pics of both set-ups included. On the drop, smoke hologram robo worm w/sparkles. Ran out, so it's some BassPro product in pic. Weight is River2Sea "stick" type made of tungsten. Lower profile=less visible, plus less snag. I have yet to lose one of these.


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