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Upcoming Helen H trip ?????

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Anyone scheduled for this Fridays 1 day Helen H cod trip ? I am. This is my 4 th reservation this year. The first 3 were canx due to weather. The forcast is looking good so far for this Friday. Needless to say my fingers are crossed. We'll see...............<)))><
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The Helen-H has been doing well on the recent trip whenever they could go out.
On the 02-10 trip, they fished small area alongside with small commercial boats. Everybody did very well with 5 - 10 lbs cod. Yesterday(02-20) was the first trip after 02-10. She went back to the area she fished on the last trip. Fishing was OK in the morning, but it was not like on the 02-10 trip. By mid-day fishing became picky as current and wind got stronger. Some guys had to use 30 - 40 oz sinker to hold bottom. By 1:00 PM cod started biting again until we left. Fishing was excellent on the last spot, but stranagely jid did not work at all. All bait fishing.
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