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Unbelieveable but fantastic, Tyler Vranick Fund!

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Hi all,

I'm still pinching myself!! This is so wonderful!!

Thanks to all you great folks!!

At the Freeport Show;

On Friday a friend handed me an envelope containing $100 donations from his friends west of Nassau.

3 days at the Show and $305 of raffle tickets sold.

God bless Night Caster, he gave me $150 for the Fund at the end of the Show. Thanks Richard.

Capt Mike Marks, TogMaster, handed me a check made out to the Fund today. This was from the Winter Bash. The total was $2000!!!!!

Let's see. That makes $2555 for the weekend WOW!!!!

I will send that money to the Fund on behalf of all of you as soon as the snow allows me to get to the Post Office.

Now, add $2555 to the $3606 already sent and we have the fantastic amount of,drum roll please, $6161!!!!!!!

And I was praying that I could raise $1000!!!!

Thank you one and all.

I still have the LFFM and 3 meetings to go to.

Yeah, baby!!!

Thank you TogMaster and EC Newell Man for sharing the Winter Bash donations with the Tyler Vranick Fund.

Oh, I forgot to add that I am up to 12 $100 gift certificates added as prizwes.

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Just on another note>>>>>>>>>>

Thanks Neil and besides raising money we all became a family in a sense, it's nice to know I can go to shows or anything fishing related and run into a
Noreast member and get a warm hello. It is a nice feeling in its self. Sorry I didn?t get to chat with many of you at the bash but I didn?t know if I was coming or going that night. How ever I did see many of you at the Freeport show and got some time to thank you and chat As far as the other money I planed on doing other charities but a lot of politics came about from it. :) So I have spoke to Geroge and we decided to keep the money for a fund the Noreast sponsors as well as Child life which is a Program with kids that have Leukemia. We will be doing 2 charters for them and Capt. Neil will be using the Shinne**** star for 1 and another boat for the other. This way we know the funds will go to what was planned from the start! Taking kids fishing ! So thanks again to all of you and the next one will be bigger and better :) Hey anyone know NBC news will invite them to the next one and do it for a good cause again Than you all :)
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