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Hi all,

I'm still pinching myself!! This is so wonderful!!

Thanks to all you great folks!!

At the Freeport Show;

On Friday a friend handed me an envelope containing $100 donations from his friends west of Nassau.

3 days at the Show and $305 of raffle tickets sold.

God bless Night Caster, he gave me $150 for the Fund at the end of the Show. Thanks Richard.

Capt Mike Marks, TogMaster, handed me a check made out to the Fund today. This was from the Winter Bash. The total was $2000!!!!!

Let's see. That makes $2555 for the weekend WOW!!!!

I will send that money to the Fund on behalf of all of you as soon as the snow allows me to get to the Post Office.

Now, add $2555 to the $3606 already sent and we have the fantastic amount of,drum roll please, $6161!!!!!!!

And I was praying that I could raise $1000!!!!

Thank you one and all.

I still have the LFFM and 3 meetings to go to.

Yeah, baby!!!

Thank you TogMaster and EC Newell Man for sharing the Winter Bash donations with the Tyler Vranick Fund.

Oh, I forgot to add that I am up to 12 $100 gift certificates added as prizwes.

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You asked for it!

Somebody once told me to "be careful what you pray for" in don't pray for rain unless you REALLY want it to pour!
Just further proof of what a GREAT
bunch of people hang out here....

The guys that set up the BASH deserve a BIG pat on the back.Their selflessness
should be an inspiration to us all....

It was again a pleasure to speak with
you at the Freeport show Capt.Neil. Keep up the Good Work!
Best Regards & continued success!

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No Captain Neil....THANK YOU!!!!!

This goes beyond fishing, and this was something that both TOGMASTER and myself supported. I also have to thank all the guys at the BASH who were so generous. We are lucky to have such great support from all you guys out there....

Again, Thank you Captain Neil, and board members....


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as stated before in this post,we must thank you.Nobody else is doing what your doing.Your running around alot doing shows,speaking at clubs and all kinds of meetings,Your the man!!
Capt,because you are such a "sweetheart" and kind hearted soul is the reason you got the response you did.Someone else wouldn't of had the success you are having.Its the person you are.All I can say is that I am glad to have met you,your a true gentleman.

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That is great news. It always amazes me that when the chips are down that we as fisherman will always come through.

I am proud to be part of the group that donated to the cause and wouldn't think twice to do it again.

I was once catorigized by a motel owner in Montauk because I fish. I would really love to send a copy of this to that owner and ask:" What do think of the drunks and slobs now."

Good Job Capt and a prayer for Tyler.:)


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keep going

Capt Neil
hello, you are a good man to care. wish there were more of you in this world. to all that have not contributed. you can do it by mail also. pm the capt for address send check and get raffle stubs by mail. i did and i will have to drive down to LI to pick up my new rod. thanks again for caring, Dave

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Just on another note>>>>>>>>>>

Thanks Neil and besides raising money we all became a family in a sense, it's nice to know I can go to shows or anything fishing related and run into a
Noreast member and get a warm hello. It is a nice feeling in its self. Sorry I didn?t get to chat with many of you at the bash but I didn?t know if I was coming or going that night. How ever I did see many of you at the Freeport show and got some time to thank you and chat As far as the other money I planed on doing other charities but a lot of politics came about from it. :) So I have spoke to Geroge and we decided to keep the money for a fund the Noreast sponsors as well as Child life which is a Program with kids that have Leukemia. We will be doing 2 charters for them and Capt. Neil will be using the Shinne**** star for 1 and another boat for the other. This way we know the funds will go to what was planned from the start! Taking kids fishing ! So thanks again to all of you and the next one will be bigger and better :) Hey anyone know NBC news will invite them to the next one and do it for a good cause again Than you all :)
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