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I'll be on my way back from the U.K. in a few days. I tried Surf Fishing for Cod.
H A H ! Look at it this way. The final score
was Ancient Mariner = 1 (12 inches long) OUCH ! I put it back.
Cod in the surf = 5 bottom rigs and lots
's of bait lost.
Surf was huge, but , that's when the surf guys fish for Cod. I saw lot's caught by the sharpies .
Learned a few lessons on how to rig baits (U.K. way).
Used their suf rods and reels. These guys NEED TO CAST WAY OUT! They used surf rods custom built for this kind of fishing. I don't think we have any of their special built rod blanks. we don't need to have them either.
They use a combination of Squid and Worms that is tied onto their hooks. That way they can haul off and power the baits way , way away . I asked about the use of skimmer clams for bait, but didn't get an clear answer. Maybe I'm using names for clams that they don't use. Oh, well.
It sure was fun and I'm glad I did it.
I'll tel you one thing, if you go, go in the spring. That surf is dangerous.
Ancient Mariner

Keep your feet dry and
catch 'em up.
Joseph Bielawski

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Hey thanks for the report! Ive been to the UK & seen the surf sure gets mighty rough, how was the weather? Let me guess, Rainy?? ..sometimes its not too bad. One thing that I hope you did was have some fish N chips dinners? mmmm mmmm good stuff, Glasgow's got the best.
Pretty neat catching Cod from the surf, pass the vinegar.
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