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Two Questions....

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I have purchased a new 17 foot Proline and I have two questions:

1) Does anyone know of a good lettering business so that I can have the name put on? I live on the Eastern part of Long Island (Port Jeff, Rocky Point)

2) What exactly is involved in christening a boat?
I found a very interesting post on denaming a boat ( But can't find one on the proper way to christen a boat.


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Boat Guy-

1. For a boat naming/christening ceremony go here:

2. If you don't find someone on the East End to do your lettering, I can recommend PANORAMA GRAPHICS on Montauk Hway in Lindenhurst.

Good Luck with your boat!!

Mad Mahi

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christening a fishing boat is taking it out for the first time, filling the coolers with what your fishing for, getting the first scratch in the gell when docking, launching without the plug, getting a speeding ticket for doing 5 kts in the channel which says 5 mph, and finally letting the fish blood dry on so hard it will be a permanant rememberance of your first day with the new boat.

Good luck. you got a real nice boat (same as mine).

Capt. Marc
Hey Cap. DITTO! But it sucks when some one else puts in the first scatch!!!
BOATGUY: GOOD LUCK With the new boat keep us poasted on how it works for ya!

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Mad Mahi: Thanks for the Link! :)
It made me laugh to read it!

I just surprised I didn't get any sign shop or
Lettering replies good or bad that were closer than Lindenhurst
I live in Jamesport, everyone out here uses Ocean Graphics ( Mention code
NASSO2 and get 10% off,expires 3/31/02.
They're located in East Hampton.

Is the plug in?
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