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Tuna/Shark Permits....

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Friday I recieve a letter from the National Marine Fisheries stating that the tuna and shark permits are now available for renewals and for first time applicants.

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From a recent article in Big Game Journal by Len Belcaro, its very clear that NMFS operates entirely for the benefit of commercial fisherman. After several credible studies documenting the rapid decline in shark populations, they are proposing to "remove the current 4,000 pound dressed weight trip limit .... leaving no limits or no quota". They are taking similar actions in the longline fishery, putting bag limits on recreational swordfishing, while opening up areas of Florida for "experimental" fishing for small swordfish, and have $3 million to pay longliners. This is in an area just starting to recover from longline decimation. For 2002, longliners reported 27,000 dead discarded juvenile swordfish under 47", which recreational landings were reported to be 505 fish. In 1997 longliners discarded 5,517 dead white and blue marlin, and in 2000 they killed 3,392. Sorry to rant, but it was an eye-opening article, and we all need to get involved in putting pressure on our government.
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