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Tuna on 60 Minutes

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Just go for the video....really excellent video.

Put's a lot of perspective on things.

Tuna on 60 Minutes The King Of Sushi
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Its in the hands of the large fishing fleets trying to catch the last tuna.....

There you see it, where big industry 'seeing a buck' or should I say millions of dollar every year, will eventually destroy local fisheries and fishermen, without any care in the world about sustaining one of the most valuable marine food fish in the world.

The PURSE SEINE has become the minister of death...without emotion, nor thought about the future.

Doesn't this sound very familiar with many of the threads posted in this forum where I talk about the concentration of large fishing interests taking over fisheries?

It is not the fault of the Japanese market or consumer who demand this product. It can be met by sustainable fishing methods, such as the traditional local fleets who have fished the waters of the Mediterranean for hundreds of years.

Cheating and rampant abuse by foreign countries have made this fishery a lawless wild west grab bag, where International laws on tuna quotas are just laughed at.

The American commercial fishermen has the right to scream 'bloody ****' as bluefin limits are strictly controlled in the waters off our coast.

There is not much we can do, since the eoonomic make up of the bluefin tuna industry is made of billion dollar corporations and business and foreign government entities who do not care where or how the tuna are caught.

Catch the last one in those problem, the fleets relocate some place else to engage in there selfish trade, destroying local fisheries in the process.

Disturbing...YES.....but who can stop these multi-national business interest who have the support of there rogue governments, and do not care about international laws concerning the quotas and limits on the bluefin.

For more information, check inside the WHEELHOUSE FORUM for another thread which posted just such a article on the Bluefin tuna fishery.

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