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One of the longtime leaders of the US bluefin industry got together with some people at MIT and put together this new website, called Tuna News. They put together a program that searches the internet thoroughly each day and finds all articles having anything to do with tuna. There is something like 900 or more articles on the site and as you can imagine there are more everyday. Rich and others also write some very informative articles, summaries of ICCAT meetings and assessments, and all kinds of good stuff. (Supposidly there are a bunch of gov't/management people from both the US and other ICCAT nations that follow this because it has so much good stuff which speaks to its quality.)

The big reason they did this was to help educate people and get people more involved in how tuna are managed and so I felt its something that should be posted here. The people running it are not doing any advertising of any kind and so a lot of people have no idea this was even made. Bluefin are what Rich deals with most but this site has stuff on all tunas and not just bluefin.

People think that management of species like fluke, cod and other local fish stocks are complex- tuna has them all beat, as you have 40+ nations at the table, as opposed to just people from different areas or states. Because of that its very, very important that people are involved so that we have a chance at getting proper management. As many people here fish for tuna in someway or another, wanted to post this incase people were interested.

Here is the link to the site: TUNA NEWS HOME

The editor has his email on that page and I am pretty sure if you email him that he can make it so you can try it before signing up.

Its worth checking out- this is not something that they are doing to make money, and the reason it was setup was to both inform people and get them more involved. We need more US fishermen to be involved in the tuna management process and this is a good way to start. And NO, I am not making a cent in any way, someone asked me that when I posted on another site a few weeks ago and I can assure you that I am posting this because its an important cause and I am not getting a thing out of this!
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