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Tuna jigging reel

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Need advice on which reel to buy for tuna jigging on party boats. I was looking at Avets or The Gorilla by Alutecnos.Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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I have had several discussions for the need of a 2 speed 12 and 20 reel with the Alutecnos US importer. There are ongoing talks and it might be a reality in the coming year. Alutek was at my shop and took pictures of many different 2 speed jigging reels to adapt many features from all of these different reels.

Lugs that are offset instead of being on the top. The possibility of the lugs being removable. Open frame and closed frame models are also a possibility. Increased free spool through the use of some different bearings and oils.

What will not be different. The drag capability will stay at 40 for the 12 and 45 for the 20. The 2 speed mechanism is flawless on other Alutecnos reels now and will remain the same. The offset new style handle stays as well.

Right now it is a business decision. 2 speed reels are more of an American requirement. If there is sufficient demand and the updates including developing the 2 speed models are not cost prohibitive we will see them.

I am doing my part! Every time I order a product or reel from Alutecnos I stray into "where is the 2 speed 12 and 20"!

I am sure Kilsong has made his wishes for a 2 speed model apparent to them as well!

Maybe a letter writing campaign?


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