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Tuna jigging reel

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Need advice on which reel to buy for tuna jigging on party boats. I was looking at Avets or The Gorilla by Alutecnos.Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Avet LX/Hoo-X
It is generally believed that Avet reels are well machined and the price is very reasonable for the quality of the reels.
While LX is 3/0 size, the Hoo-X is 4/0 size.
Both reels are favored for tuna jigging by many. If you want to use them on party boats, I recommend Hoo-X because of the max drag as the max drag of LX is about 18 lbs at strike the max drag of Hoo-X is about 22 lbs at strike.

Gorilla of Alutecnos
Gorilla o fAlutecnos is fine jigging reels and I believe the reel is developed for jig fishermen for the use of braided line in mind.
I tested both 12 and 20 and both of them have enough max drag (upto 40 lbs) at strike, but I found it has pretty good free spool and has less binding problem upto 25 lbs drag at strike which is enough for tuna jigging on party boats. While Avet reels are nice for tuna jigging, I would say Gorilla 12/20 is much refined reels with more max drag power with less binding. Both 12 and 20 are 4/0 size reels and I recommend 12 for tuna jigging applications it has enough line capacity and lighter.
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I seldom use lower gear while fighting tuna on my 665 two-speed as I like to give some handcap to fish and I don't see any problem to land with higher gear. :) But I prefer 4:1 gear ratio reel instead of 6:1 if I choose a single speed reel.
When I fight a tuna over 150 lbs, I definitely want a reel with two speed. For party boat jigging, two-speed is not necessary and you lose more fish if you don't use them properly.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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