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Tuna Charter Questions

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I am looking to book a tuna trip out of Montauk, would it be better to go the end of July or end of August? Does one month make for better fishing, I have been told that the tuna are running now, but I would like go when I have the best chances. I have also heard that the end of August is when the offshore waters can get pretty nasty, is this true? Any help is appreciated, I am just trying to get my moneys worth. Thanks.
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gusto45 wrote:
there are a lot of variables, lets start with are you looking for an over night trip or day trip.

If over night- wait till august. There hasn't been a night bite yet and you will either sleep or shark at night.

Day trip- The bite is on right now. Boats are catching fish all along the shelf and the fish are between 35 - 70 pounds. There are some mahi and a lot of marlin reports.

The later in the season you go the more species you will encounter. Seems like it is mostly yellow fin so far with the exception of a few bigeyes in the Hudson. Later in the season there will be albies more mahi and wahoo.

Also you don't have to go all the way out to montauk to get on a boat to fish the canyon.

I am looking at a Day trip... thanks for the help.
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