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Tuna Charter Questions

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I am looking to book a tuna trip out of Montauk, would it be better to go the end of July or end of August? Does one month make for better fishing, I have been told that the tuna are running now, but I would like go when I have the best chances. I have also heard that the end of August is when the offshore waters can get pretty nasty, is this true? Any help is appreciated, I am just trying to get my moneys worth. Thanks.
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Ah, the age old question!

Fishing now is 'troll only', or at least it's the best bet, so you know what that's about. But don't forget, the big tourneys are mid-late August, so trolling is always cool.

However, once the 'chunk bite' starts, obviously you're better off doing chunk-n-troll, especially with fuel prices dictating 35-40% of your trip charge, and it gives you best of both worlds.

Now? Smallish YFT, some Blues & Whiteys raised, mahi coming in nicely but it's not exactly 'banner' or 'meat fishing' time, to be honest.

But you are right re: weather, as we lose more and more trips to bad weather (seas, winds, hurricanes?) as the season moves on. But plenty diehards will not book until September, when the fish that have been 'here' (remember, YFT can grow 5 lbs a week) are the largest & the night bite is usually hot.

Plenty to consider...especially when you're spending a lot of money ONCE a season.

Best of luck.
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