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tube and worm

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Just got my first kayak (ocean scrambler 11). Been having a ball getting used to it. I fish in the Great Kills harbor area and can't wait for the bass to get here. I've been reading online about tube and worm fishing. Is it all that they say it is? Is it a surefire way to get bass? I ordered some red tubes and they should be here any day. Does it have to be sandworms? I have hundreds of earthworms in my backyard
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Ive had great success on the T&W. Its a great way to fish from a yak because the troll is slower than most other methods. Its a good casual paddling speed (~2-3mph?). I think sandworms work best because they dont break easily. A night crawler would probably tear off the hook after a few minutes of trolling pressure. I've found that the T-Man tubes with a keel weight work best. Make sure you leave the natural curve in the tube as opposed to straightening it out.
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