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tube and worm

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Just got my first kayak (ocean scrambler 11). Been having a ball getting used to it. I fish in the Great Kills harbor area and can't wait for the bass to get here. I've been reading online about tube and worm fishing. Is it all that they say it is? Is it a surefire way to get bass? I ordered some red tubes and they should be here any day. Does it have to be sandworms? I have hundreds of earthworms in my backyard
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Never tried the tube and worm

I have some in Green and Black long double hook and shorter single hooks. But they impart allot of line twist. I know they work but I don?t think you can beat a live Eel

I prefer to buy an Eel or two for Kayak fishing. I put one on the convention behind me. They usually last for more than a few outing and for a couple of fish... accept when blues are around.

I keep them in the garage sink over night to keep them alive. I had them last for record five keepers. Till a vote here decided that I set the Slimy fella free as he had done his job well.

The Good thing about Eels is they adjust to your trolling speed and seem to find trouble for them selves on their own. Especially when you stop to cast or rest. They swim down to the bottom actively looking for trouble where the tube and worm drops to the bottom ineffective or finding a snag. I also carry a tube and worm but have yet to use it over the Live Eel . the Eel is working for you even as you drift along plugging with the spin caster. My only complaint against Eels is that find the drain holes quicker then you find them when dropped in the yak


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