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Trolling Wire Line

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What is the proper way to troll for stripers using wire line, specifically, best lures or rigs, speed of boat, marking of wire, amount of wire to deploy, and setting of the reel. Thanks in advance.
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Sorry i'm late

Got your email meyerowitz but have been busy with things. The topic you mentioned is in great deatil on this fourm I will include a link for you if this dosn't answer what your looking for post your info needed in detail
Wire line trolling
Thanks Paulie

Thanks Paulie hope mierowitz has the info he needs from your post?
Answer to your question

Mako Hunter, about a week ago I was at J&H and puchased the same Penn Senator rod and Penn 113H reel spooled with 450 feet of 40 lb Monel (marked the first 100 feet and 50 feet thereafter), backed with 80 lb dacron and fifteen feet of 80 lb. leader. The cost for the entire rig was about $279, but, I was told, $89 of that was for spooling and marking the wire. Harry Fuld, the owner of the place, sold me the gear and quoted the prices.

When I read, on this board, that $79 was considered a lot of money to wire spool a reel, I related some of what I had read here when I was at J&H today and questioned the $89 charge for spooling.

The feedback I got was as follows:

* It was felt that your problem with the wire probably wouldn't have happened had you given the driver instructions to stop, back up, turn and go back, etc.

* If you let out all the wire and were into the dacron, you increased your problems. Had the boat stopped before you reached the dacron, you might have salvaged the situation.

* J&H sells a 300 foot roll of Monel for $29.99. If you load 450 feet of Monel, together with 80 lb dacron backing, plus marking roughly every 50 feet (which you had not mentioned initially), plus leader material, the price, according to them, should be around $79. They feel that stainless is not nearly as good as Monel because stainless is more prone to kinking. They also think it's a tossup between dacron and mono backing.

Shortly after I purchased my wire rig, I sought some tips on trolling with wire. I contacted Togmaster by email and was advised by him to ask my question on the discussion board. So, I posed the question "Trolling With Wire", to which I received a couple of replies which weren't very helpful. Togmaster didn't bother to reply. Ironically, many of my questions were answered in this dialogue.


Well Mierowitz Stainless wire or Monel wire is only a matter of opinion. That?s why I use stainless. Monel is a softer wire and easier to work with. But for getting down deep and stronger pulling power stainless is what I use as well as price!
Most pin hookers from the old Rock fish days used stainless. The durability was greater and this makes a big difference when using the rod's every day. The only problem's with stainless is number 1) tend to Rust over time if not properly cleaned. 2) wind back on to the spool has to be watched very closely not to cause a backlash or a kink. If you could avoid these problems and have experience in cranking in fish with out balling up the line then your fine. But if not Then stick to the Monel. The biggest mistake anglers make when using wire is just reeling in the fish and not watching the spool on the reel. I say this because it is very important to guide the wire back on to the spool evenly with out a pile to one side of the reel. This will over time hurt your line whether it be stainless or Monel. Most anglers don?t think about this and that is why stainless is a poor choice for the inexperienced angler. But for those that understand and do evenly spool there lines on the return can use Stainless and get the better durability of wire as well as saving a big load of chase. And mierowitz 79.00 for a spooling is totally out of line. Whether it be Monel or not. Next Dacron backing is not the way to go!!!!! Use 50 Lbs or 60 lbs. Big game or ande. Use a 80 lbs leader to the lures with 20 ft of mono to the swivel.
It?s all a money issue for tackle shops. Monel is bigger bucks but not always needed. Donart in Freeport has a special $19.95 for 400ft of stainless with the markers for the same price. And I bet monel is only a few bucks more. So don?t always believe a good business man Like Harry. Harry has corned the market in many aspects and does have some great deals. But I wouldn?t turn my back on him in a heart beat!!!!!!. When the last time he was out Bass trolling?
And thanks for the great support you gave me as not answering your question in time:( I'm I fired?
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