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Trolling Strategy w/ 30's and 50's

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Just bought 2 50 lb. class rods/ reels since it seems I will be fishing at the edge more than I planned since no tuna inshore - this year...? (The rest of my gear is 30lb. class which has held fine up so far on 50-70# tuna but I'd like a fighting shot at a marlin or 100+ tuna, hence the 50's) My question for the more experienced guys here is where would you place the heavier setups in the spread and what would you troll off them? Right now I'm using mainly artificials (bars, chains, cedar plugs etc.) Also what would you fill the 50's with, 60#; 80#?

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weak link

You sound like you want to be able to control a big fish in deep water. As far as where to put the 30's, I would leave them in the garage for this task. I think the best all around deep water reel is a two speed 50w with 80#. The right fish will make you wish you had a bigger reel. With a 30 you can not put enough pressure on a good fish and the line capacity isn't there. With a 30 I think there is more chance of killing a fish you want to release because of over exhaustion.

Big fish have away of finding the weak link.

Capt Larry
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