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Mi,Maybe some can help me and tell me what they think of using the pacfic bay/fugi plastic reel seats for trolling rods with wire? I have seen lots of custom rods now using them instead of the heavy aftco seats. Also whats the best way to install the reel seat. I used to use pop-cicle sticks with expoxy and file the fit. I have seen some use just masking tape.How much clearance should the seat have to the rod? Thanks for the info,Davey
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Hi Davey,

When choosing components for a custom rod I consider the abuse, stress, wear and frequent use a rod will face. Therefore I use the best components for that particular situation.

I think a trolling rod goes thru tremendous stress especially when a hookup happens. Even when winding in fish the boat is still in gear.

For a trolling rod I use a Fuji DPSH type Heavy Duty Salt Water Reel Seat.

I also use these reel seats on all my heavy duty rods such as blacks, blues and bass. A reel seat has a lot of stress placed on it.

I select the reel seat size based on the reel being used. Can you imagine having built a custom rod and finding that the reel you want to use does not fit into the reel seat? It happens.

Sometimes the blank size and/or grip size can determine that a larger reel seat is needed. The customer wants thick grips so I use a larger seat to create a smooth visual flow up from the butt.

I use 4 masking tape rings, 1/2" wide tape, under my reel seats. I use enough tape to create a tight slip fit. The seat slids over the rings without forcing the seat into place, but it stays in place, does not slip ot turn.

I fill the area with Rod Bond epoxy. Slide the seat on, spreading or removilng excess epoxy as needed. After locating the seat on or under the spine I rotate the rod at high speed on my lathe for 15 seconds. This is to equally distribute the epoxy inside the seat. Then I recheck the seat alignment and clean all epoxy residue.

Hope this helps.

Capt Neil
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What type of butt grip will you be using? Have you tried the new Slick Butts> They are a hard, smooth, high density nylon material. They allow you to remove the butt out of the rod holder
easily when the rod is under stress.

Capt Neil
Capt Davey,


I use fiber glass blanks for both umbrella and bunker spoon rods.

Umbrella rod=Lamiglas BT857S, leave it 7' long.

Bunker spoon rod= Lamiglas BT1083M. Cut tip back so a #14 tip top fits tight. Then cut butt to desired length. Keep length arount 7'10" or so. Cut it too short and you lose the action of the spoon.

On both rods I use fuji HNSG type guides, silicon carbide, due to wire line. Reel seat= Aftco AR2S. Tip top=Fuji UST 12 (14.0)on bunkerspoon rod. Fore grip=10" synthetic grip. Butt= Slick grip and a gimbal.

Both of these type rods are great candidates for the guides to be installed spiral fashion (Guides start on top of blank and spiral to underside of blank). This produces a very stable rod which eliminates the stress places on blank and components.

I will have a booth at the Noreast Show on Aug 22. I have a demo set up that will show the results. Stop by and say hello.

Have fun building those rods and MORE Fun cathing fish with them.

Capt Neil
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