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Mi,Maybe some can help me and tell me what they think of using the pacfic bay/fugi plastic reel seats for trolling rods with wire? I have seen lots of custom rods now using them instead of the heavy aftco seats. Also whats the best way to install the reel seat. I used to use pop-cicle sticks with expoxy and file the fit. I have seen some use just masking tape.How much clearance should the seat have to the rod? Thanks for the info,Davey
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Thanks for your help Capt.I ordered all of the mentioned pieces. Im just using these rods for towing umbrellas,tubes and plugs. I still have to build a set of bunker spoon rods. My boat is only 19 feet,so i guess 8 footers would be the max? Do you have any rod blank specs or can you recommened a built rod/blank? I looked at the seekers/stars but Im not sure of 8 footers or 9 footers? Thanks again Capt. Davey
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