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trolling rod for stripers using wire line

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Hello Capt. Neil
I need some advise on what type and brand of blank I should use to make a
trolling rod for stripers, and Blues
using wire line....I just got a new peen 113H....I'v made many rods from standup tuna to fly. using single wrap and triple reap for the big stuff
thank you for any info
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I use a Lamiglas BT 103M for Bunker spoons. I cut the tip to a #14 and then cut butt to preferred length, about 7'6".
I use HNSG guides and a UST 12 (14.0) tip top. All are silicon carbide.
The longer the rod the more swish and sway you produce at the bunker spoon. I spiral wrap the rod.

For trolling an umbrella rig I use a Lamiglas BT 857 S blank, 7' long with all the same components as the Bunker Spoon rod.
Capt Walt


Good to hear from you.

In the interest of helping you, would you like to have your rods fixed closer to home, say Cape Cod? I have a fellow RodCrafter friend in East Sandwich. He does this sort of work, especially for the commercial guys up there.

If you would like, send me an email with a phone # so I can call you.


Sorry for the mistake>

Sea Slug,

Thanks for picking up on that. I appreciate the help.

Hi Frank,

We will get there yet.

The BT1083M is listed under Fiberglas Boat/Trolling.

BT=boat trolling and is honey colored
BBT=black (color), boat/trolling
WBT=white (color), boat/trolling.

I will have some demo rods at the Winter Bash and "spiral wrapped" demos are included.

I am in Sayville. If you are near me or would like to come by give me a call. You will see several rods wrapped in that fashion. I also have a demo rod wrapped both conventional and spiral to show the benefits of a spiral wrapped rod as compared to a conventional rod.

Sorry but I do not have any pictures.
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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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