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Trolling Inside Canyon

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Anyone have an opinion on the potential for successful trolling inside the Canyon this weekend? Looking for Tuna, Mahi, etc. anywhere from the Texas Tower to the Glory Hole, Virginia etc. Boat can't quite make the Canyon Run.
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I'm based in the same area,Broad Channel to be more precise.I was hoping to get out today but I'm still nursing a bad cold.I fish the same areas as you .I like to stay within 40 miles or so of Breezy Point.I'm busy for the next couple of weekends ,so I won't be going offshore til 8/24,when I start my 2 week vacation,and maybe a couple other trips too.
If you do get out,please send me a PM as to how you did.It seems that noone posts too many reports of those spots so when folks like us want to fish them ,we go out blind.
The problem I have too often is I cannot seem to get a crew to go out.That has gotten so bad that I have not had my boat offshore the last 2 seasons.Last year ,my wife and I went out on a 24 hour party boat out of Staten Island to the canyon.She wants to do the same thing next month.She likes the much bigger boat,and the cost is about what it would cost us to take our boat out for the day ,plus we don't have to clean the boat or the fish that way.
Anyway,good luck and calm seas.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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