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Trim Tabs on 19' Center Console!

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Since I got some good responses in my post on a T-Top for a small center console, I decided to ask everyone's opinion on Trim Tabs for the same boat.

Would they be a good investment? Will they really change the ride characteristics?
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I have an 1820 Robalo CC. When I first got the boat a had a terrible time getting up on plane and controlling porposing. I added a hyrdafoil to the top of the cavitation plate which mada a remarkable difference in performance and fuel consumption. Last year I invested in a pair of Bennet Sport tabs. My opinion.......I should have invested in tabs sooner. I get a much better hole-shot, the ride is smoother, drier, and I spend fewer $$ on gas.
I own an 18ft. Grady White Sportsman center console and installed Bennett Trim Tabs during 2nd season. Response improved dramatically, especially ability to get up on plane at low speed 2000-2500RPM in rough water, and keeps bow down. Trim tabs allow you to adjust engine trim to optimize performance and fuel economy. Suggest you get optional rocker switch control rather than standard joystick control. I also installed Auto Trim Tab control kit during 3rd season, but found that I didn't need it. I have used hydrofoils on a 40HP engine but am reluctant to bolt onto my 150HP Johnson Ficht. Hope that this helps.

I have a friend with the same boat and problem. I let him know about what you did and he asked to know what horsepower your motor is and if you took off the hydro foil after you installed the trim tabs.


I've got a Mercury 150 Black Max (hydrafoil is off, but the holes in the cavitation plate have been filled). I have a 1994 1820, which is an extremely beefy boat for its class (Robalo has changed the layout and scaled the boat down in recent model years). Part of the problem is the weight of the boat, and I'm certain that an even greater part of the problem is the prop. I have a 17 pitch stainless prop, which really pushes the boat along at top-end, but kills the hole-shot.
Thanks Mahi,

He's got the same package.

Ditto,Ditto, Ditto!

My buddy has them on his 21' Seaswirl CC. They make a world of difference! Handling in calm or rough water, economy, stability, drier ride, etc.

If you get tabs, get Bennett.

Hope this helps!

mad mahi

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Why not Lenco Electrics? Anyone had any experiance with Lenco?
If you really think you need trim tabs. Go with Bennet, the best in the ind.!!
I'd like to thank all you guys for the input on the trim tabs. I think I will be installing having the Bennet's installed in the next few weeks. Any idea what a good price would be for the tabs and installation?

Also I have a Suzuki 115HP 4-stroke, it has the Hydra-Foil installed on it (really made no differance) should the foil stay or go after the trim tabs are installed....
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