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cordell redfin swimmers

cordell redfin swimmers come in a 5" and a 7" size.

i use the non-jointed models. i use the 7" for large stripers and blues, and the 5" for schoolie stripers, weakfish and freshwater.

the classic v-wake is produced by retrieving the lure as fast as you can, while still keeping it on top. i imagine that you may have to bend down the eye to do this, if you have loaded it.

because you have to retrieve this lure faster than a bomber (for example), this is a better daytime than nightime lure for stripers. in blue chrome, it is particularly devastating during the mullet run.

that v-wake, when done right, will draw bass and blues from long distances, much like a pencil popper does.

try it. you'll like it!

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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