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Trick for Modifying RedFins for Optimal Cast and Performance

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I know tons of secrets for modifying lures...I guess once a week i will post em.

To me ive always lived and died by redfin, bombers and modified javelins.

For redfins I drill a small hole in the belly and add some small bebbies inside the lure. 3 to 4 beebies work best. I then take a plastic paint brush, (i bought hundreds in bulk for about 30 bucks). Wedge its tapered shaft into the drilled hole until it creates a seal. I then take a some crazy glue and secure it. Then i file it down and sand it flush. I then coat the entire area thing with crazy glue. I can cast these things a mile now, they still float. I control the eye on the front of the plug to make sure that it gets the desired depth i want.

You can also substitute the beebies for bunker oil.

Yozuri is overpriced eye candy in my opinion attempting to attract the angler moreso than perhaps the fish.

Just my opinion :-D. Maybe i will give one a shot.


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Thanks for the tip

I love using Bombers. But they just don't cast very far with my new 11ft Lami (rod is rated for 2-4oz.). I loading one with buker oil but I made a mess (most of it leaked out). Also, the loaded bomber didn't swim right. I think b/c the bunker oil congealed on one side of the inside of the lure. Some one told me to use mineral oil instead. Any advice? Do I have to throw that lure away?
Try the beebies used for a beebie gun. You can get them from any store like K-mart etc. with the bombers..use 4.

If you want to test them out try this. Fill them with about 4 beebies and put a piece of clay over the hole you drilled. Fill a bucket with water. The lure MUST float. Make sure that about 1/6th of the lure is floating. It will have more boyancy when it hits the salt water.

Also the beebies add a sound to the lure. Granted not every lure will work perfectly on your first try, so experiment with those odd colors or beaten ones first. It will lose at most say about less than 5% action but gain about 30% on your cast.
Sounds interesting! I have some beat-up swimming plugs collecting dust somewhere in the basement.Going to try it out. Tnx for the tip!

Local #1049

please see my response to your redfin post under the yozuri topic.

i type too slow to do it over again.

Okay, im using the 5-6 inch redfin. When you talk about the classic v motion on the surface your talking about the jointed redfin? or are you just reeling the lure in at a lethargic pace?

I load the redfin up with 3-4 beebies...

I never work single piece redfins on the top. I use jointed redfins and bend the eye down. So i assume that if your using single piece redfins your bending the eye down as well. I still don't like using redfins on the surface and next friday I will tell ya why theres a better substitute :-D.


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cordell redfin swimmers

cordell redfin swimmers come in a 5" and a 7" size.

i use the non-jointed models. i use the 7" for large stripers and blues, and the 5" for schoolie stripers, weakfish and freshwater.

the classic v-wake is produced by retrieving the lure as fast as you can, while still keeping it on top. i imagine that you may have to bend down the eye to do this, if you have loaded it.

because you have to retrieve this lure faster than a bomber (for example), this is a better daytime than nightime lure for stripers. in blue chrome, it is particularly devastating during the mullet run.

that v-wake, when done right, will draw bass and blues from long distances, much like a pencil popper does.

try it. you'll like it!

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